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Dear Sirs!

Attorneys’ Association Gestors is a full service, general practice law firm focused on corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, arbitration and litigation, tax law, real estate, foreign investments, antitrust and competition, criminal law, trade law and antidumping.

Our Attorneys’ Association was founded in December 2011. Since its foundation, we have grown into a unique Ukrainian firm that is proud of its experienced and energetic law professionals dedicated to the highest level of service.

Individual approach, responsibility and mutual respect compose the core corporate policy of the Association. We, lawyers of Gestors, understand special requirements of an international client and strongly believe that our success leads to success of our clients. We advise and represent a large number of international clients in all aspects of Ukrainian law. Furthermore, we closely cooperate with foreign consular authorities as well as Ukrainian embassies from all over the world.

Quality and high standards of the services we render have let us become an active member of the International Bar Association, Employment Law Alliance, European Business Association and Ukrainian Bar Association.

Attorneys’ Association Gestors is ready to assist you in all your legal needs.  

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Sincerely yours,
Vitaly Makhinchuk
Managing Partner,
Ph.D., Attorney-at-law                                                                               



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